Malaysian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and Business (MGSEB) is one of Malaysia’s youngest, yet potential entrepreneurial business schools. MGSEB aims to be a world-class high education provider and to develop a new generation of managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs with 'TRANSFORMATIVE, ENTREPRENEURIAL, EXCELLENCE' mind. 

We use innovative, creative, and effective teaching modes in delivering knowledge to our students. They are trained to be a better individuals, managers and/or entrepreneurs using Student-Centered Learning approaches such as Problem Based Learning (PBL), Case Study, Experiential Learning @ MGSEB Entrepreneurship Strategy Simulation (CESS), Guest/Industry Lecture and Chairman Lecture Series.

Our professors will share their knowledge and experience in business strategies and concepts, and students will be benefited from lectures session of business. Indeed, our lecture delivery is a blend of academics and industrial trainings (60:40).

We are committed to make sure that our students have a great time exploring knowledge and developing their skills at MGSEB. MGSEB has more than 20 professors who are willing to help the students.

At MGSEB, applying entrepreneurship education concepts to a bigger perspective of global business problems is always our agenda in educating current and future managers/entrepreneurs. Indeed, we devised our curriculum based on the needs of our stakeholders to enhance the business community.

We offer two (2) programmes :

  • • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)